View Full Version : Problems with Rogue Spear & other D3D games &Direct X 7

6th October 1999, 17:27
Here is the system config of the problem child:
AMD K6-3 400
128MB (8ns memory)
Matrox G400 OEM 32MB
Diamond Monster Sound MX300
10/100 NIC
an 8.4 & 4.3GB Hard Drives

OK enough with that part. I was having lots of trouble running Rogue Spear/AOE2/Tribes/UT/and several other games. I spent the majority of the day at work researching this problem.(I am the Sales Manager for a computer store and have to keep system specs updated all the time.Also I have the time and resources to do this.) Any way I tried turning off Bumpmapping and Busmastering and disabling AGP turbo and all the other stuff. I even went so far as to install three different versions of the G400. None of them worked! We then formated my HDD and reinstalled Win98SE and updated all the settings. We tried everything then we reinstalled
DIRECT X 7!!!!!!!! This is where the problems started again. Only we did not notice the problems until we reinstalled Rogue Spear and declined to install Direct X 6.1. Well to shrten this up. After going through the whole damn thing again. We decided to install 6.1 over 7 and it worked like a dream. Well now I get to start working on Bus Mastering/AGP Turbo/Bump Mapping. If I find out more problems I will post here again.

6th October 1999, 19:18

I have a G400 running well on a P5 A
just make sure you have Frame Buffer Posted Wright disable in the BIOS
and the ALI AGP driver 1.6 or better