View Full Version : I'm having a prob W/ DX7, can I remove it or reinstall it again?

5th October 1999, 06:01
I noticed than soon after installing DX7 I am getting illegal operation errors and jerky mouse movements I never had before even in my son's Dogz game and my wife's print artist software. Is it possible that DX7 could be to blame? I ran a search in system info/system file checker and found problems with 3 files, d3drm.dll,d3dpmesh.dll and another one I forgot to write down.I installed DX7 again but same thing. Maybe I got a corrupt file when downloading it or maybe it's something completely different. Anyway is there a way to correct this(removing DX and reinstalling) without reformatting my drive,i've got alot of stuff I don't want to have to setup again. Thanks for any help on this. BTW i'm using the 411.01.1210/ 5.21.017 drivers for my G400 DH.

Asus P2b(1010),P3 450,128 mb pc100,Matrox G400 DH,Asus 50x,Iomega zip,Mitsumi CDR,Ibm 10 gb hd,Sb Live,Win 98

5th October 1999, 08:32
Microsoft doesn't want you to be able to uninstall DX - after all, it doesn't cause any problems http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif You also can't downgrade, either

However, there is an app out there that does it. I believe it's called DxUninstaller, or something like that. It will completely remove DirectX from your system. You can then reinstall. It was a great tool for me when DX6 came out, and started causing me problems.


5th October 1999, 15:05
yep, MS doesn't even give you the option to uninstall dx7. Even manually uninstalling it takes a degree in registry hacking. Never heard of dxuninstaller, might have to get it myself.... could be very useful http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

DX7 was giving a friend of mines k6-2 the blue screen of death all the time. After several hours I tracked it down. Some older libraries/drivers aren't friendly with dx7 and just totally go nuts when directx calls are made. If I recall, the culprit was the file fxmemmap.vxd, which is exclusively the directx driver for 3dfx voodoo series.

5th October 1999, 16:55
Thanks guys, I'll search around for DX uninstaller and i'll post if I find it.Does DX affect things other than my games? Like Print artist or whatever because I now get probs with those I didn't have before.Have you had any experience with files being corrupted in downloads? Thanks again.

Asus P2b(1010),P3 450,128 mb pc100,Matrox G400 DH,Asus 50x,Iomega zip,Mitsumi CDR,Ibm 10 gb hd,Sb Live,Win 98

5th October 1999, 17:36
Would some nice person with DX7 installed go into their DX Diagnostics folder and look at the list of Drivers installed and scroll down to the d3drm.dll,d3dpmesh.dll,d3dxof.dll and tell me if it says or for those three. I think this is where my problem because those three never got upgraded. Thank you.

Asus P2b(1010),P3 450,128 mb pc100,Matrox G400 DH,Asus 50x,Iomega zip,Mitsumi CDR,Ibm 10 gb hd,Sb Live,Win 98

5th October 1999, 18:52
I checked the files with DXDiagnostic-tool and it says for them. All the other files are listed as

so I dont think this causes your problems cause on my system everything works just fine.

- pII-400, Asus P2B, 128MB pc100, G200-8mb, Win98

5th October 1999, 19:02
Thanks for checking, i'll try something else.Later

6th October 1999, 01:54
You can try this site : http://www.ebrink.com/dxun/downloads.html


Hope this will help!

6th October 1999, 05:50
that's the one I needed, thanks again. Later