View Full Version : Anyone checked out the Nocturne demo?

4th October 1999, 15:19
Man this Nocturne demo looks awesome on the my g400. I highly recommend checking it out. If anyone has checked it out your comments are welcome.

4th October 1999, 19:38
i did not know the demo was out yet but i am downloading it now all 114 megs.

goto http://tux.telefragged.com/file.pl?filename=redeye_demo1.zip&dir=spookhouse/redeye_demo/ to download. it is a slow slow connection. i am only getting 7 kb/sec while downloading it. several of my irc friends are also complainign about the download speed.
http://www.nocturne.nu/ for the games website

5th October 1999, 09:36
I got the demo off a cd that came with a gaming magazine. and trust its sweeet.

5th October 1999, 19:48
i have to totaly agree the demo is very nice.

only bummer was doing the adjust brightness and contrast part of the game, i was forced to do a hardware gamma correction first as just adjusting the brightness by itself was not enough for me.

the detail of the game is increadable. the effects when using the flame thrower are very nice.

the game is resident evilish but imho far better. parts of the demo were very spooky when i played it in the dark.

6th October 1999, 05:32
Yes I saw the demo, best graphics I've ever seen on a PC !

gameplay not even coming close to UT...