View Full Version : Direct 3d Wrapper for G400?

Cellular Mitosis
3rd October 1999, 23:07
a thought just occured to me. The g400's have kick ass D3D but lack a little in the openGL department, right?

Well, since the D3D is so good, has anyone tried using the D3D wrapper and run a q3test benchmark to see if D3D is better than openGL performance with current drivers?

if you have, do tell!

4th October 1999, 09:28
That wrapper absolutely SUCKS on G200's. So be careful when using it with a G400, just a warning.

4th October 1999, 13:11
I think this is a new version, but that gldirect wrapper used to modify the original windows\system opengl32.dll. Not a good thing.

4th October 1999, 16:02
Try this one:


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5th October 1999, 11:39
I used the new GLdirect with my Max, and none of my OpenGL games worked, like Quake3 or Unreal Tourn., this wrapper seems to cause more trouble than it's worth, on my system at least.

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5th October 1999, 17:29
What they said...Don't use the Scitech thingy. Those guys rocked back in the Duke 3D days, when most guys had cheap dos video cards and the dos drivers were needed and sped stuff up. But since win95 and DXxx came out, I have not seen any good stuff from them.

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