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oober goober
4th October 1999, 19:28
Okay - this is a NIGHTMARE.
Drakan - will either dump me back to the Windows desktop or freeze. Crtl/Alt/Del doesn't work - it's a re-set button job. Have just recently installed the Drakan patch and haven't *really* tested it yet, but have had one freeze so far. This is with EMBM off by the way.
Dungeon Keeper 2 does the same thing.
I can't even play Unreal Tournament - constant GPF's.
Yes I'm using 5.25 - DX7.0 - Video cache *disabled* ... AGP1x - what else - ummmm pretty much everything that has been mentioned as fixes in this forum.
Machine specs: Celery366@550 (2.2v) - stable and cool
192mb PC100 SDRAM
SBLive (LiveWare 2.1 and *no* conflicts)
Asus P2B - BIOS 1010
Win98 (not SE) with all updates - *clean* install about 1-2 weeks ago to try and fix these problems!
Surprizingly I can't recall having these problems with Q3A (OpenGL) - haven't re-installed yet so can't re-check.
All diagnostics check out - Matrox, DX, Norton's etc etc...
Anyone got any bright ideas?
Cause if you have I will be indebted to you forever as I'm about to tear all my hair out.

4th October 1999, 19:39
Cross-posting is counter productive.
Keep it to one thread, and you'll have better results.
I already replied to the post in the M-Hardware forum...

oober goober
4th October 1999, 19:47
OK - sorry - will do so...