View Full Version : Quake2, high contrast + colored light bug

4th October 1999, 10:04
I have some problems with Quake2.

1./ The contrast is very high, so shadows become almost totally black. The following screenshot is with Quake2 brightness at 100% and my monitor is also set to 100% brightness.


2./ The second problem is that some of the polygons sometimes light up when someone shoots, so if a firefight is going on inside a building i can see the walls lighting up. This is an extreme example :


My system is a K6-2/333 PCChips motherboard and a G400 SH 16 Mb

Hope someone knows the cure.

Torben R

4th October 1999, 11:06
for the brightness darkness problem .. u might put the following 2 lines :
set intensity "2.5"
set gl_modulate "2.9"
in ur autoexec.cfg .. create it if it doesn't exist in quake2\baseq2 folder.
try decreasin or increasing the values till u get the best quality.