View Full Version : Damn Drakanpatch uninstallable !

2nd October 1999, 08:41
I cannot install the Patch build 442.Errormessage is "cannot install upd drakan not installed or corrupted, please reinstall. After a reinstall (before kicking all regentries manually) the same causes. Does anybody know why?? Maybe the patch is corrupted?? Downloaded it from www.3dfxmania.com (http://www.3dfxmania.com)

2nd October 1999, 16:32
Check for viruses.
I used to get that error with any executable update, most notably the one for DID F22 ADF.
Until I realized that I had the CIH virus.
You can easily d/l the CIH virus checker for system memory (where it resides) from Symantec's website. Once executed in the dos prompt (better to go into dos itself and do it), it will let you know if you have the virus in ram and inoculate your system ram. Then you can eradicate it using you antivirus software from other program groups.
Antivirus software will not work without this initial step of inoculation as the antivirus software will spread the executable virus to all other program executables.
Hope that helps.

Chris Blake
3rd October 1999, 07:07
Patch installed fine for me. However it still crashes when bump-mapping is enabled http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/frown.gif


Chris Blake

Chris Blake
3rd October 1999, 07:37
Hang on a mo....

The read me for the Draken patch doesn't mention anything anout the fix for the G400 bumpmapping crash.

I though this was supposed to be fixed in this patch?


Chris Blake

3rd October 1999, 09:25
Do you have the german version of Drakan?

The patch is only for US version and will NOT work with german version.....

3rd October 1999, 09:42
The fix for bumpmapping is in there. I noticed it was not in the readme file with the patch, but it was on the fix list on the web site.

The patch installed fine for me, and my EMBM crashes are gone http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/biggrin.gif

3rd October 1999, 15:30
Hi nitromind !
You're right I've got the german version.
Ok, forget about Drakan! It's really a nice game and I've played it with fun but it crashes too often. :-)How do you make this smilies? http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/biggrin.gif
forget about this question
Oh this was easy!

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4th October 1999, 04:18
You can install the US patch over the german version.....
you have to extract the data1.cab using the program i5comp.exe (instalshield compressor)
then rename village of death.lvl to village.lvl and nights of death.lvl to nights.lvl and overwrite all the old files.
Now you got a updated version and even got blood.