View Full Version : Benchmark WAR - give me your results

Cellular Mitosis
3rd October 1999, 21:09
Allright, I have read up on all the reviews, but cant find any which have gone back and updated their g400 benchmarks using the latest drivers. I am thinking about buying a g400 but haven't decided on which flavor. I can't really judge their gaming performance based on reviewers benchmarks from 3 months ago...

SO, with that said, any and all are welcome to post the following:

your q3demo 1 and or q3demo2 benchmark score
make sure synch every frame is off

be sure you include:
what card (16MB, 32MB, or MAX)
cpu speed
what color depth
lightmap or vertex
dynamic lighting or not
marks on walls or not
etc etc etc
any special cvars you have used

Thanks in advance!
and please be honest!

3rd October 1999, 21:45
1024x780 res (i think it is 780 or 768)
32bit color and textures, highest value on texture slider, trilinear, all options on including vsync, and using beta opengl-

23.2fps for demo1, 25.3fps for demo2

p3-500, 128mb, sb pci64, network card, g400max