View Full Version : desktop rearranged after games. need help.

3rd October 1999, 15:31
I have a G400 and am running win98 at 1600 x 1200 resolution. When i play quake 3 at 1024 resolution, and exit out, the icons on my desktop get rearranged and all jumbled up. my icq window is also pushed over towards the middle of the screen. Any idea what the problem is? Thanks,

3rd October 1999, 18:06
There appear to be systems where this is not an issue since few people have complained about it as an effect of the latest driver set. It affects this system as well though the previous driver could hold the icons in place using the options available in Display Properties . The solution here is to disable autoload for the powerdesk driver using MSCONFIG.exe or any such startup manager.

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