View Full Version : Somthing wierd with NFS3,4 and G200!

3rd October 1999, 12:10
Fist time i played NFS3 it was with a G200 8MB sdram and a K6,233MHz processor.
The framerate was fluid at 640x480 and ewerything on!
Some months afterwards i got an K6-2,350MHz processor and the hell started:
The framerate dropped and became jerky, slowing either the G200 or the K6-2 made it work again (i tried raising resolution and ewerything else).
And to my great surprice, raising the *color* from 16 to 32 made it posibol to raise resolution and turn every option in the game to on!
When i later bought and started to play NFS4
i had forgothen it all and when it dident apear i dident recal it!
I bought my p3 then the same thing happened to NFS4!
Is there somthing wrong with the NfSx series togheter with the G200?
As of now its Fluid at 800x600 or 1024x768 but only in 32Bpp, in 16 its to jerky to play!
Any ideas? (Personaly i think EA has worked to hard on the Glide drivers and just brushed off the D3D drivers)

G200Mill 16MB SDRAM
128 MB RAM
19GB HDD Space!