View Full Version : No D3D in NHL 99. Please help!

3rd October 1999, 10:27
I just intalled win98 se and NHL 99 is too stupid to recognize the G400 as a D3D device and is stuck in software render.
This was not a problem when I switched the G200 with the G400 couple of weeks back and did NOT reinstall NHL99. I am quite sure that it thought I still had a G200 in the system.
I would like to know if anyone has NHL99 running with G400 or G200. I need to know what your registry settings under NHL99 look like, so maybe I can force the game into D3D mode.

DirectX and d3d run fine, it just this damn game that can't detect it, and is not giving me a option to choose a rendering mode. Thanks for any help.

3rd October 1999, 12:02
As it turns out, the problem is a case of my own severe stupidity. NHL 99 supplies a D3D test utility for unsupported chipsets. This can be used to force hardware mode.

Sorry for the false alarm.