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21st September 1999, 00:29
Help I have read the RR setup guide and I want to use Morgan for preview and Matrox for final AVI creation can I have both enable at once.

When I preview using Morgan I get:

play back error [9999] Video Editor will not use this plug-in untill you restart the program.

When I go to great the avi using matrox compression I get:

unable to acces codec driver

any suggestion on what I am doing wrong.

21st September 1999, 00:33
Can you explain about the avi.exe ?

The Morganīs "user FourCC"-field has to be disabled or if you like to enable it set it to "MJPG". If you use avi.exe you must change the
content of the Morgan-button from "mjpg" to "MJPG". "mjpg" was used in earlier driver versions but it has changed to "MJPG" because of the

All codecs are active and can be used to decompress and compress avi-files. You can define which codec will be used for which file by
changing the identifier tag in the file header of each file. If you want the avi to be decoded by the Matrox-codec the identifier tag must be
"dmb1". If you want it to be decompressed by the Paradigm-codec the id-tag must be "dmb2" and "MJPG" for the Morgan-codec. You
should use the avi.exe Windows program to change the identifier.
You can play your video-projects with MSP and do not need to create avi-files. So you are not limited to 2 GB with your projects. If you
want to create avi-files from your project you can choose the compression. This can be the Matrox, Morgan, Paradigm (all MJPEG) or some
other codec (like Intel Indeo).
If you have chosen the Morgan- or Paradigm-codec, your generated avi-file contains the dmb2 or MJPG identifier in the file-header. You must
change this with avi.exe to dmb1 (Matrox) to play the file with the RRīs hardware accelaration. Otherwise the file will be played back only
with the power of your CPU and it could be, that your system is not fast enough for 25/30 fps.
For playback it is better to use the Matrox-identifier; for further processing you should use the other identifiers. The disadvantage of this
method is the changing of the file-header, but I think that this is no problem with avi.exe. The advantage is the great flexibility, because you can
decide which codec will be used for a file.

21st September 1999, 02:11
Hi ssmyth !

Please give me some more info about your plans. What do you want to do with your video-project at the end ?
Do you want to record it on tape or do you just want to create a new avi-file ?

The way/sense of installing other codecs depends on the answer to this question.

But to come back to your question:
The Matrox-codec and the Morgan-codec can co-exist in your system, but in this case they need different identifiers/FourCCs.

You can define which MJPG-avi-file is processed by which codec by changing the FourCC in the file-header with avi.exe.

The most simple way to use the Morgan codec is to replace the Matrox-codec by it.
You must install the Morgan-codec with the FourCC "dmb1" once and you donīt have to change any file-headers in future.

Feel free to have more questions !

Bye, Uwe.

21st September 1999, 02:49
Hi Uwe...I want to play it to Tape

With the option to create an AVI later :-)

21st September 1999, 05:12

Well, then try the "replacement" method first to become familiar with the Morgan-codec.
You can change the different "installation"-modes simply by editing the system.ini later.

Good luck,


21st September 1999, 05:46
Hi Uwe...you seem to be the expert on the Morgan setup.

Here is my setup in system.ini


I am still getting an error when I try to preview using Morgan

any suggestions

Thanks for all your support so far

I have emailed you a screen shot of the error message

21st September 1999, 05:54
Hi Stephen,

I just got your EMail, but couldnīt read it because of an included virus.

****************** InterScan Message (on gemini.ieee.org)

Found virus W97M_MELISSA in file error.doc
The file is moved to /viruswall/infected/virGKD4nOM3_.

If you have questions, contact virus-admin@ieee.org

************************************************** *******

Please check your system and letīs discuss your problem here...

Bye, Uwe.

21st September 1999, 06:21
Sorry Uwe...I have just run my virus scan and found that virus...

My setup is as above...I have the Matrox as dmb1 and the Morgan as MJPG.

Q:How should the morgan be setup

Q:I have run your AVI program and converted the headerd in all the files in the project to MJPG is this correct...can ypu batch convert ?

When I run preview in MS5.3 using the Morgan compression I get error [9999] VE will not us plugin until restarted.

What am I doing wrong ?

21st September 1999, 06:29
Hi Stephen,

I guess I see the problem.
Correct me if Iīm wrong:

1.) You capture a clip with the Matrox PC-VCR software.
2.) You import this avi-file into MSP
3.) You choose Morgan-codec in the Preview Options
4.) You get the error

OK, from your system.ini I can see that you have installed the codec to coexist with the Matrox codec.

You should disable the Matrox-codec in the system.ini by placing a semicolon before the line.


Then you should make the Morgan-codec process the Matrox-avi files:

Change the line: vidc.MJPG=m3jpeg32.dll
to: vidc.dmb1=m3jpeg32.dll

After that enable&change the FourCC entry in the Morgan-codecīs control-panel to "dmb1".

Now you should be able to choose the Morgan codec in MSPīs preview option.

Please tell me if this works.

Bye, Uwe.

PS: Your second email was modified because of the Melissa Virus too.

21st September 1999, 06:38
I did capture with the PC VCR software...but I have changed all the avi headers with your AVI software to be MJPG.

I should be able to preview them with Morgan as MJPG but I still get the error

What am I doing wrong? any other suggestions

21st September 1999, 06:43
Did you disable/change to MJPG the FourCC-field in the Morgan-configuration window ?

And did you choose the Morgan-codec in MSPīs preview settings ?

Bye, Uwe.

21st September 1999, 06:43
cont to above...

If I change to dmb1 do I need to use a preview frame size that is compatible with the matrox hardware like 176 X 120

I have noticed that if I use dmb1 the preview time is a lot longer 7 min to preview a 8 min project

If I use the morgan MJPG the same project takes only 2:46 mins

I am running a 500mhz proccesor and want to tak advantage of it.

What should I do

21st September 1999, 06:59
Yes and it seems so slow...

21st September 1999, 08:47
OK, I just arrived hat home after a day full of work (as everybody can see above...).

Now I will make some tests with the Morgan codec, to see which configuration is the best.

I have in memory that the best method for using the Morgan-codec was to replace the Matrox-codec.
So I really recommend that you give it a try to see if this is faster for you.

Bye, Uwe.

21st September 1999, 10:30
Hi Stephen,

your method to use the Morgan-codec as additional codec indeed is slow for Previews.

But if you use the Morgan codec instead of the Matrox software codec the Preview is as fast as before.
The reason is that your system will play back any avi-file with the dmb1-FourCC with the acceleration of your Matrox hardware independend of the installed software codec.

So the "replacement"-installation is the only one with full performance.
You get all advantages of the Morgan-software MJPG codec combined with the advantages of the Matrox-hardware codec (Zoran-chip).

Another advantage is that you donīt need to patch your avi-files with avi.exe any more.

Bye, Uwe.