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30th September 1999, 01:43
I remember someone saying that you could edit the registry to make Nfs detect a G400 as a G200 so I don't have to use the Generic D3D device1. Can someone post it again? Please post exact instructions too. Thanks.

30th September 1999, 15:46
Why would you want to do that??

The Generic D3D device at least gives you Z-Buffer and Trilinear filtering abilities in most NFS versions. The G200 doesn't.

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1st October 1999, 00:46
Install the NFS/HS DLL patch to Suport DX6...

It can be found in many game sites.

1st October 1999, 03:57
Could you please provide a pointer to this
patch? Cannot find it anywhere...

1st October 1999, 09:00
Wow, I didn't know the G200 was so limited in NFS. Actually I wanted to tweak it for NFS:HS because that game is not that great performance wise. NFS3 runs fine, although not as great as a Glide card.