View Full Version : UT, have to re-install every time.

1st October 1999, 03:07
This is very strange indeed…

When I first run UT no problem, set up all the options and away we go, it does not matter how many times I exit then re-start UT all is well. HOWEVER if I switch the P.C off, restart and then try UT, UT locks up solid, I mean re-boot job stuff.

It happens about 2 seconds after starting the new game , ie just start to walk about.

I had to re-install UT each day I want to play UT.

So I found that the only way I get over the problem is copy over an original copy of the UT system folder I made when run the first time.

This only happens with D3D, (16bit or 32bit),OpenGl is fine on the G400MAX , as is Glide on my V2..

Figure that one out then…

Abit BH6
128 Mb Ram
Soundblaster Live
Matrox G400 MAX
VoodooII 12 MB
Aopen 9632 DVD-CDROM drive
19" Monitor
1024x768x16 Desktop

tish beta2
1st October 1999, 04:00
Ya, and if I install one game too many quake3 goes guru meditation. I must to a complete re-install of win98se to fix it. Now I only use win98 to play in, and everything else I do I use win2k.

oopps I installed slavezero betademo, time for a re-install.