View Full Version : All games and also 3dmark MAX frezzes!!!

30th September 1999, 00:43
Can someone help me with my little problem how is all my games(UT, Q3 & Unreal...) is freezing after aprox. 2-5 minuts!

I am use D3D.


sys conf.
BE6, PIII 500, G400, SB 1024.

30th September 1999, 01:04
Sure, http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/Forum5/HTML/004833.html

30th September 1999, 10:05
I have had screen freezes with Nascar 3 and Jane's World War II Fighters after a few minutes. I am using a Matrox G44 (no max), Gigabite GA6BXc, Pentium II at 450 in an Enlight case, mid tower. The orentiation of the video card is with the heat sink facing down which causes the heat not to dissapate into the air, only into the card itself. The installation of a fan on the heat sink seems to have solved the problem, no screen freezes. When the screen would freeze in Nascar 3, the game would go on but the screen and keyboard would freeze.
Hope this helps.

1st October 1999, 00:09
Tnanks for all that help, it seems to be my BE6 card that has the problem, so i switch my card with a ASUS P3B-F and so its works just fine.( 99.9% stabil) http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

Some Abit cards dont work with the Matrox G400 & Diamond Viper 770, they told me that!

Thanks again.