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Werner H.
24th September 1999, 14:05

i think im right here, in finding some help.

I can't run Sin or Wages of Sin in "default opengl"-mode. It always end in the console and the game switches back to software mode, when i choose this option. I have already installed the latest matrox driver 5.13.020 with opengl support through full ICD and also DirectX 6.1.

Many thanks in advantage.

24th September 1999, 15:27
Make sure there is no file called opengl32.dll in the game directory. The only one should be the one in windows\system.

Also, make sure you are in 16 or 32 bit. 24 bit won't work...

27th September 1999, 09:56
please buy a 3d accelerator (preferabbly 3dfx) to fully appreciate sin.


27th September 1999, 10:12
G400 IS a 3D accelerator.
SiN is based on the Q2 engine, which was written for OGL. A 3DFX card may run it, but it won't look nearly as good as the G400 in OGL. (I have had both cards, and have run SiN on both).

28th September 1999, 06:47
I have not seen SIN on a G400,

Kruzin- if you have a screen post it. because I get weird images with my accelerator. The models have smudged faces, and my fps are Way to high. I usually refer to http://www.ritualistic.com for tweak info, but it lacks... if you know a way i can 'clean" up the image by tweaking it, please let me know.

a digital display of evolution (G200 with aid of Diamond Monster 3D II)

28th September 1999, 09:46
set vid_ref "gl"
set gl_driver "opengl32"
set gl_mode "7"
set gl_particle_min_size "1"
set gl_particle_max_size "40"
set gl_particle_size "40"
set gl_particle_att_a "0.01"
set gl_particle_att_b "0.0"
set gl_particle_att_c "0.01"
set gl_shadows "0"
set gl_texturemode "GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR"
set gl_ext_palettedtexture "0"
set gl_round_down "0"
set gl_ext_swapinterval "0"
set gl_ext_gamma_control "0"
set gl_ext_multitexture "1"
set gl_ext_pointparameters "1"
set gl_3dlabs_broken "0"
set gl_dynamic "1"
set gl_polyblend "0"
set gl_picmip "0"
set gl_playermip "0"
set gl_flashblend "0"
set gl_ext_swapinterval "1"
set gl_swapinterval "1"
set gl_bitdepth "0"
set gl_ztrick "0"
set gl_triplebuffer "1"
set s_primary "0"
set s_mixahead ".14"
set cl_predict "1"
set cl_particles "1"
set gun_x "-3"
set gun_y "0"
set gun_z "3"
set cd_nocd "1"
set intensity "1.0"
set vid_gamma "0.8"
set gl_modulate "3.3"
set gl_saturate "0"

These GL settings result in a game that looks like this:

28th September 1999, 10:02
Ooooh. That was nice.

How do I get my voodoo to do that?

28th September 1999, 11:38
DGWelfare: By throwing it in the Chemical Waste-container ASAP !!!


28th September 1999, 12:26
Your voodoo will never do that.
That's a pic from my G400.
I used the same settings for my G200, except at a lower res, and it looked almost as good.

To try it on your G200, go to your SiN folder, and rename opengl32.dll to .bak. Then copy the settings I posted above into your player.cfg file (sin\base\players\name\mane.cfg), and remove the corresponding commands that are already in there (make a backup of this file first).

28th September 1999, 12:41
Alright! Im going to try it tonight, and capture a screen shot-

29th September 1999, 06:56

How can I post my screen shots? I made some really "awakening" discoveries, after what you guys have been telling me..... New Forum will be posted soon...

29th September 1999, 17:13
To learn how to post pics, reply to a message and click on the UBB Code at the bottom of the page...