View Full Version : Xtom3D and G200 5.25 drivers

29th September 1999, 13:18
The game keeps telling me that I need to install a OpenGL, how do I do this?

29th September 1999, 14:01
download the beta, from matroxusers.com, and get the new drivers for your 3D accel. It should have some sort of MINIGL type thing. If not full OpenGL support.... Whats the name of your Accelerator?

a digital display of evolution (G200 with aid of Diamond Monster 3D II)

29th September 1999, 16:15
I have a G200 with 5.25 divers, that's just itwhere do I download this beta? All I can find is one for the G400

29th September 1999, 16:22
The beta ICD is G400 only, 5.25 does contain the OpenGL ICD for the G200. Have you tried using the uninstaller then reinstalling? I've had GL (and other) problems that were solved by doing this.