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24th September 1999, 17:06
The G200 ICD in the v5.25 is s hair faster then the one in 5.15. That's the good part.
The bad part is there are distinct greenish
semi-tranparent boxes around objects which
are sprites on transparent poligons.
The pirfect example of this is the box
around the glow of the rocket in Q3test or
the red laser dot in Half-Life. This is damned annoying and detracts from visual quality greatly (in my opinion).
I've emailed Matrox, but as their common reply only got an automated message.

If anyone from Matrox is reading this (like Ant suggested in one of his news posts), please rectify this. It is not right to overlook such quality control issues even if they are on an older accelerator.

Enough said.


25th September 1999, 08:34
As far as I know the G400 icd has got more problems than the G200 version.

27th September 1999, 10:06
I went from 4.50 to 5.25, and dude.... I am ecstatic. i have seen nothing but improvments. Im glad we are still getting support

28th September 1999, 14:11
There IS a driver feedback option at Matrox site. Did you inform them about your problem?!

With k6-2/300, G200 searchin for truth

28th September 1999, 19:46
what's the url?

29th September 1999, 11:29
www.matrox.com/mga/drivers/drvsugg.htm (http://www.matrox.com/mga/drivers/drvsugg.htm)