View Full Version : Anyone having problems w/Delta Force 2 demo?

27th September 1999, 13:20
I keep getting kicked back to the desktop w/the software mode (I have a G400 "regular") setup in the Delta Force 2 demo. I have tried the other settings also and the same error messages keep popping up. "Sysdump.txt"; and getting kicked back to the windows desktop w/ no error message. I do not know what may be causing this. It also did it w/ my old video card (Diamond Banshee).

27th September 1999, 21:16
are you having the same problem with other games or demos?

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28th September 1999, 12:48
No this is the only game that is giving me problems.

29th September 1999, 08:15
I may be wrong, but I sure can't get Delta Force 2 demo to run in hardware mode. I can select Software from 320 to 1280 (or above, can't remember), but if I select Hardware 640x480 (the only option), the game still looks like software. No hardware acceleration, pixelation and reaaallly slow performance (indicative of software rendering). Any suggestions?