View Full Version : RR G TV tuner doesn't work anymore

20th September 1999, 12:16
Hi ppl;
A few days ago I got myself a rainbow runner that I connected on a G400. Everything worked fine once I used the latest drivers.
But then I did a stupid thing I guess; I start to try a program wich should decode some channels. Nice try ofcourse; only it didn't work. But the saddest thing is that my RR G only recognizes 4 channels anymore; I even formatted my PC and re´nstalled the whole thing; it just won't work anymore. TV tuner works on 4 channels; al the rest is 'not tuned'. I suppose something is wrong with a register or bios setting of the card.
How to repair this? Is there a possibilty of flashing the bios, and how? Or what els could go wrong?

20th September 1999, 12:28
Do you have the TV Tuner set to AIR or Cable?


20th September 1999, 14:19
My RRG's TV-tuner recently died!
but in my case its completly stonedead!
After 6 days of use!
It's currently going trough RMA!
In my case (since i live in sweden!) its on it's way to Germany!

AMD 350MHz DFI p5BV3+
G200Mill 16MB SDRAM
128 MB RAM
19GB HDD Space!

20th September 1999, 15:05
i don't know what happend preciasely but after switching with IRQ, from 11 to 5 and back to 11 and disabeling The video bios shadow it just did the thing it has to do.

In other words, after a time of frustration it seems I got out of probs. But I still don't know what did it.

AMD K7 500
MSI 6167
128 Mb SDRAM
SB live!

But I'm happy the prob is solved; hope it is not temporarly.

tx for the reactions;