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10th June 1999, 10:06
So I bought a copy of Redline racer.
It runs fine with my Voodoo2, but it will *not* run with my g200.
I have been banging my head against the wall... Redline Racer comes with the Mystique doesn't it?
Maybe some kind soul could take a peek in the d3d.ini file or something because my version off the shelf will not run.
My D3D.ini file has:

Help. Argh.


10th June 1999, 10:10
Have you disabled the Voodoo2's D3D support? Regardless of what you tell the game, if D3D is enabled for the V2, it will try to run it.

Go to your display propeties, Voodoo2 tab. Click on the advanced button, and check the box to disable D3D support for the Voodoo.

Hopefully that'll do it http://forums.gagames.com/forums/wink.gif

10th June 1999, 21:16
Hm, I did think of trying that; but never actually got around to it as I figured runned it and letting then choosing "primary display" would work; but all it does it get past the opening art and then pop back to the desktop.

I just tried it now; and my display property window keeps hanging. That can't be good.

I will reboot and report back later, I'll keep you updated. Thanks for the tip.


10th June 1999, 22:04
Nuts. Didn't work. I had hoped that it would.
Are there any resolution/color depth restrictions? I have tried a few, but nothing worked.

I am pretty close to giving up. Phooey. Maybe it will work with the g400..... another reason to blow $200 (a $14.99 game.. heh)


10th July 1999, 09:55
I found that Redline Racer has this fault using drivers 4.51 and 5.13. You can run the game though if you use the i740 version by finding and starting the following file:-


NB works under driver 4.28 and probably 4.33

27th September 1999, 13:41
Redline Racer rides again.

Just found out that DX 7.0 fixes the problem

(currently using Powerdesk 5.25)