View Full Version : Running a G400 on a Celeron 400

Reverend Maynard
21st September 1999, 23:09
Will the G400 run well on a Celeron 400 with all the goodies? By goodies I mean all the eye candy producing effects of the g400. Will it, for example, slow down on games that use EMBM to the point where the game is unplayable at high resolutions? Thanks for any help you may be able to offer.

22nd September 1999, 08:45
At high resolutions and using bump mapping, the G400 chip is more the determining factor than the CPU.

hominid skull
25th September 1999, 17:23
hi Rev,

I have a cel 400 and g400 32mb single output card. If i have 32 bit highest quality textures, 32 bit colour and run quake3 in 1600x1200 i get a steady 10 fps. for normal quake3 running at 1024x768x32bit i get 30-40 fps. EMBM is going to have a 20-30% performance hit when used in games but for me the g400 is fine, and it'll only get faster when it's time to upgrade to an athlon 1000.....

26th September 1999, 10:41
I run a celery 300a at 337 with my G400reg and all is well. Not extemely fast of course, but totally playable. Q3test1.08 with timedemo 1, all turned on at 800x600 I get a score of 31.4 or so each time. So your 400 should be fine.

AssuP2B ,300a at 337, 128megs PC100, G40032megSH, Yamaha PCI sound,2 small HD's, 42X Sony CDrom and 98SE w/shutdown patch, PD 5.25 w/beta ICD