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24th September 1999, 15:03
Any ideas on how to get the game to give me access to the higher resolutions? It was irritating with the G200 knowing that it would run them, but after patched wouldn't but I'm dying to see 1024x768 (or higher) on G400!

24th September 1999, 17:45
Hereīs a way:

Rename d3da.dll to voodoo2a.dll (make a backup of the original voodoo2a.dll and delete it)

Create a shortcut to nfs3.exe and add -voodoo2

Launch the game with the shortcut, got to options and you will be surprised.

This will only work with the original nfs3 version. I think it doesnīt work with the patches released after it.

24th September 1999, 21:50
I am getting poor (ugly, choppy) performance with G400 and AMD K6-2/400...Has anyone gotten this game working well with a G400 yet?

25th September 1999, 12:22
Hey, maybe your K6 400 isnīt cutting it anymore. Itīs perfectly smooth with my celery 450...

25th September 1999, 13:09
Nope, doesn't work with the patched version. Been through that already. How about registry hacks?

PII-350, 128 PC-100, G200 (sgram), DXR-2 DVD, SB128, Soundworks

25th September 1999, 13:16
You could try to edit the NFS3's registry file. Ea.reg

There's a list of the 3dcards. All you have to do is to find g200 for configuration figures and then modify the file so that the hardware renderer is set to g200.

This game is very smooth even with my slow k6-2 350mhz.

25th September 1999, 16:12
BTW, my friends P II 400 does not work any better...it appears to be related to the video card...the only options the game gives me are Software Renderer and Upsupported Direct 3D Device1.

It was smooth as silk under V2 SLI, but I wanted to get the 32 color http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/frown.gif

25th September 1999, 16:31
Anyway, NFS3 has always been smooth with my G400, no matter what driver I use.
You will not get 32 bit colour. NFS3 only supports 16 bit, you canīt go 32 bit colour even if the G400 supports it.
NFS3/NFS4 is one game that looks best in a voodoo card than others. EA likes glide, NFS was made for glide, and it looks better in glide (fog...). Kind like Unreal.

Are you sure you are not using software rendering? Donīt mind the unsupported D3D device, select it and it will work just fine.

And use the d3da.dll "DX6 compatible" that is around the net (itīs the same Fifa99 uses). I uses dithering and it improves the image quality.