View Full Version : G400 Max and window 98 please help

22nd September 1999, 12:50
Pleae help...my G400 Max cannot run window 98. It always freeze up after I install the drivers. I tried all versions...format c: drive install window 98 with only the G400 Max on board...nuthing work. But it work fine in window 95 only that I cannot run Expendable. It always crash back to desktop. I have a Celeron 300a overclock 450. Abit BX6 2.0....Scsi card...soundblaster live and a Us Robotics modem.

22nd September 1999, 22:20
Did you precisely follow instructions to remove completely any Powerdesk software and all matrox / mga drivers from your Windows\System folder, as well as all Matrox references from the registry?
Try that after booting in Safe Mode. You should also check your Windows install using a utility such as Norton SystemWorks.
Good Luck.

23rd September 1999, 10:17
I have a celeron 400 o/c 450; Abit BH6 ver 1.01 and no problems. But just for my own info I ran "Sandra" and in my case found that my G400 MAX was sharing IRQ 11 along with PCI steering and the USB, I am not using USB so I disabled it in the bios when I first installed W98. Just thought this might be an area for you to look into being things worked with W95.

23rd September 1999, 17:15
Hmmm, this could be something to do with the G400 and the ABit BX6 r2 - I had _exactly_ the same problem.

Does your system work with the supplied (PD5.11) drivers? If not, and you freeze every time before entering Win98, switch off and try re-ordering your PCI cards in the sockets. If everything's PCI, try the following order (starting from closest to the G400): SCSI card, then SB Live!, then modem. This solved some of the problems for me, but I've a feeling it was mainly to do with my Dxr3, so it might not help you.

Secondly, update the BIOS, if you haven't already. My MAX came supplied with v1.3 (not sure if they are now or not) - the latest version (AFAIK) is v1.5.

Finally, I had _major_ problems with drivers when I followed Matrox's "uninstall then install" procedure... I only got it working properly by installing PD5.25 over the top of PD5.11 - however, PD5.11 worked without problem, so you'll want to get in that position first, IMO.

Other than that, I'm at a loss! http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif It _will_ work - just requires a little fiddling around!

Good luck. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

24th September 1999, 17:53
I also had a simalar problem on a Super Socket 7 board. When I first installed the G400 Win 98 would not boot, got to the splash screen, and then the screen went really weird. The fix was some new AGP drivers from my motherboard manufacturer. I don't know whether this will apply to Socket 1 m/b's too, but it's worth a try.