View Full Version : Millenium G200 problem

23rd September 1999, 06:09
You are probably using the original drivers from the cd, download new drivers.

23rd September 1999, 10:17
I tried the latest version of the drivers, but the problem is still there... :-(
I' ll wait for the next version of the drivers, but I fear the problem will persist...
I' ll also try other games...

23rd September 1999, 14:23
Did you uninstall the drivers first with the matrox uninstall utility? Also do not use the keep powerdesk settings option.

23rd September 1999, 16:49
I' m Lorenzo from Italy; I' m experiencing this problem with G200 and many 3d games: I always notice white lines between polygons, I tried to change resolution, color depth and any other setting but with no result. This problem sometimes occurs even with my Voodoo 2, but using the G200 the problem is much more evident. I also noticed that the problem is more evident when I use 32-bit as color depth.
2 of the games which give me this problem are Drakan and Re-Volt.
Is there a way to avoid this problem? Is it given by drivers or is it related to the games?
Please answer me!!!