View Full Version : Help G200 v-sync disabled setting working on TNT2?aaaahh!

DJ Watts
21st September 1999, 17:20
Hi there all i was wondering if someone could help me with the v-sync problem i am having on my TNT2.
Heres the situation, i used to have a G200 in my main PC but have removed it and since put in a TNT2, (my G200 is in my other networked pc now!).
When i originally had my G200 in my main PC i used the registry hacks to disable v-sync but did not enable it prior to the uninstallation of my matrox powerdesk version 4.33whql certified drivers.
Now when i use my TNT2 and play say Unreal, i have noticed that the v-sync IS diabled in the game. Does anyone know how to restore it cuz i have tried everything, complete uninstall, searched for mga*.* etc and deleted all these files, and deleted the matrox settings in the registry. Is there a specific file/s i am looking for once deleted that will restore it.
Any advice or info would be greatfully appreciated in advance. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gifDJ Watts

22nd September 1999, 09:21
well here's what i would do...
i'd reformat and start with a fresh drive when i put in a new card....so windows knows from the beginning that it's tnt2 and has no idea that there was a g200 b4....

if u don't want 2 reformat just reinstall windows...you won't really lose any files...
but since you run setup all your hardware gets redected...and you will only have your tnt2 drivers in there...
you should have gotten the g400...hehe

hey i'm just a kid so don't bug me at least i know quite a bit on pc's!
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