View Full Version : Dungeon Keeper 2 issues in 32bpp (g400 Max)

Ice Nine
20th September 1999, 11:51
Is there any way around the G400 issue with no menu text in DK2 in 32bpp mode?

Chris Blake
20th September 1999, 13:18
I had that happen. I'll bet you're using the dk2fix set of reg hacks to crank up the res to 1280 aren't you?

Don't take it any higher than 1024 and you'll be OK at 32bpp. In fact the latest patch for DKII doesn't allow you to take it past this res anyway. This is a 10Mg DL though so you might want to wait for the newer patch, then you can have spangely bump-mapping too!

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Ice Nine
21st September 1999, 08:40
Actually, no... I'm running 1.51 with no hacks at 640x480 or 800x600 res.

It still has no menu text in 32bpp mode. 16bpp is fine (albeit ugly).


21st September 1999, 10:35
How is that game anyway?

Nigel Bradshaw
22nd September 1999, 07:37
DK2 is fab, much better than DK1. In fact the other half has become a DK2 widow but I'm within a level or two of finishing it.

It's GOOD to be BAD!.


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