View Full Version : scores don't show in multiplayer HL

18th September 1999, 06:32
I know I should downgrade to DirectX 6.x, but first I want to see if anyone else is experiencing this:

When running multiplayer Halflife with the latest patch (something.13)in DirectX mode, the scores show up on the screen in a big whited out blob. I'm not sure when this started happening- could be when I upgraded to one of those leaked DirectX 7 files.

G200, DirectX 7, PD 5.25, 16 bit color.

18th September 1999, 15:58
It's not DX7, I have DX6 and same prob, so it probably is drv 5.25

19th September 1999, 21:18
Too bad G200 OpenGL mode in Half Life doesn't quite cut it (unless I run it in 320x??? mode)... No problems there- with the exception that it's too slow.

So who's to blame? The latest Half Life patch or Matrox and PD 5.25?

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21st September 1999, 16:41
I'm also getting U_REMOVE errors when I run with OGL. It is NOT by ISP or modem because with D3D when I could see my ping it usually was ~225 and I would only lag when the whole server was lagging.

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