View Full Version : UT: I guess I was right...

21st September 1999, 07:10
"We have not had time to work on our OpenGL drivers beyond what shipped in Unreal version 225 but we do expect to improve them before the final version of UT ships."
Mark Reign

See this is the same engine as Unreal! I Hope for everyones sake that the D3D is at least playable...

21st September 1999, 08:46
When I start UT it only gives mt the option to play with Glide or software. But when I go to play in glide I get an awful flicker(I also have a Canopus) and software mode is slow slow slow and looks awful. Is there supposed to be a d3d option?

21st September 1999, 08:53
Uhhh... get your head out of the sand! http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

The "full" UT demo with D3D and OGL support will be out in a few days- when MS releases DX7.