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20th September 1999, 14:30
Hi all,

I have a problem getting OpenGL to work on my system. This is a PIII-450 running WinNT SP4. I replaced my PCI TNT card with an AGP G400. It functions great on the desktop, but OpenGL will not work. It states the video mode is not available. The Q3 test also won't load the OpenGL subsystem.

I suspect I need to remove my TNT drivers. How do I go about this? They are not in the Add/Remove software window. Using filemon, I can see hl.exe is trying to load the correct G400 DLL (g400icd.dll) in /winnt/system32. I have tried switching to all kinds of resolutions and color depths. What else should I try?

Thank you in advance,

20th September 1999, 15:14

The best way to remove your TNT drivers is to go to www.matrox.com (http://www.matrox.com) and go to the latest driver section where you can download 5.25 and the Beta ICD...and there should be a link that says "Follow these instructions to remove previous drivers" ...click on that and follow the instructions to the letter about removing the TNT drivers. If this doesnt work for you then i recommend a C:format...it'll clean them drivers out reaaaaal good. Good Luck.

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20th September 1999, 15:24
Hi CB, thanks for your reply.

The uninstall proceedure doesn't apply in my case, as I didn't have any MGA drivers loaded at all, only the TNT ones. Most of those instructions apply to Win9x only, although some of it applies to Win-NT. The Matrox NT driver page should link to that file too, as I would have never looked at it.

Thanks for your help,

20th September 1999, 16:06
Here's an update on the NT drivers.

I ended up deleting most of the MGA files by hand anyway, then re-installing the drivers using the "typical" option rather than the "custom" one. This time it took.

The results seem mixed to me. I can play Half-Life at 1024x768 now, but it seems a little choppy. The best smooth game I could get on the TNT was 800x600. It was kinda playable at 1024, but now it's more-so.

The 2d looks a hell of a lot better. Anybody have any 3d tips?

Thanks again,

Jim Lee
20th September 1999, 17:28
The uninstall utility on the Matrox site will NOT remove TNT drivers.

The TNT drivers can be removed by clearing all the files with nv*.* in the windows/system, windows/inf, windows/help directories. Remove keys with the name of NVidia in the HKLM section of the registry as well.

Hope this helps.