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18th September 1999, 10:19
Here's a screenshot from Interplay's demo of Star Trek - Starfleet Command on the G400 at 800x600. It plays and looks great.

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19th September 1999, 00:00
I must be really missing something, cause I found the game VERY BORING and not all that pretty either.

Just a few more days till new Voyager season, though http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

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19th September 1999, 08:49
I have agree that if first person shooter games are your forte then this game is not for you. This games requires a little bit of thinking.

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19th September 1999, 09:38
I picked up the full version a couple of days ago.

Definatly a cool game. Graphics are pretty good, sound is excellent. Definitly not a shooter game. Much more thought has to go into this game than "fly, shoot, fly shoot".

Should be a good one. I'm still in the academy, so I haven't checked too much of it yet...but I'm looking forward to it...


19th September 1999, 11:39
Umm, no, actually. I really like strategy and tactics games, but this one was somewhat strange. The ship isn't all that maneuvarable, photon torpedoes miss more than hit (much more), there is no real action going on, ships circling around each other and blasting at each other. The shields of the opponent are quite stronger than yours. His regenerate fast - yours so slow it doesn't really count.

I might be doing something wrong, but I couldn't find what exactly.

19th September 1999, 11:54
Sounds like a typical Interplay game. EVASIVE MANOUVERS!

19th September 1999, 12:34
The photons do miss a lot.
But once into the full game, you learn there is so much more to the game than phazers and photons. ECCMs help your torpedos a bit, but the things I am finding more usefull are the boarding parties, transporter bombs and mines (both x-porter, and dropping them).

There is a lot of weaponry and defnsive ability in the full version that is not in the demo...

19th September 1999, 20:10
At some point I might give it another shot, but I found it to be just like Force 21. Very little control over what is going on, and almost everything left to the chance...