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15th September 1999, 19:02
Hello , since the purchase of my G400 I have been astounded by the improvement in gameplay from 1024x768x16 resolutions and up. That applies to D3D and OGl games (except Unreal-surprise surprise).
I can play Quake2 up to 1600x1200x16 (dont know how to do 32bit? Is it a simple matter of choosing 32bit desktop colour?..) close to the performance of 1024x16 on my old setup.
But other QuakeI/II engine games, namely Sin and Half Life can only go up to 1280x960x16 (and quite admirabley playable I might add considering Maxtroxs' OpenGl is reported to be bleh by regardless benchmarks).
Is this just my setup or is this the max res for those games?
Thankyou for any help.

15th September 1999, 20:06
For Q2 to play in 32bit, just set your desktop to 32bit.

1280x960 is the max resolution in HL.

15th September 1999, 21:00
Thanks very much. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

16th September 1999, 13:05
Oh yes. I am much impressed. Of course it is a little slower at that res but wow, not enough to be strain on the eyes at 1600. I found it very acceptable (especially considering my monitor is set to 60Hz at that res but also have vsync off). Since I am used to V2 SLI you can understand it would be difficult for me to put up with slow fps (I get around 120fps at the 640x480 with them at settings I normally play at). When I did a timedemo1.dm2 at 1600x1200x16 I got 34fps, surprised me since I did not think that would be playable but after I tried it I enjoyed the tradeoff. Especially using the highest texture auotexec.cfg I d/l for Q2. I used it for my V2 SLI but did not think it would affect the G400 performance the same way. In fact I still have the 3dfxgl.dll in the Q2 directory. Cant remember if I removed it from the base2 dir but I will try changing it for the G400ICD.dll and see what happens. I am also running at 500Mhz and I am sure that has a significant impact on the G400 performance.
Hope that makes my statement a little clearer.

16th September 1999, 17:10
Hi Frank!
Choosing such Hi Resolutions isn't very effectly because the gamespeed would be minimized.I wonder how you can play e.g Q2 at 1600*1200?? Can you do that fullscreen??