View Full Version : Problems with DH, multiple windows and 2 monitors

14th September 1999, 06:15
I have a big problem running my G400 DH with Flightsimulator 98 and 2 monitors.

When I run FS98 on monitor 1, I have to make the window a lot smaller to
fit it on monitor 2.
When I drag the main FS98 window to monitor 2, so there is no
active window on monitor 1 left, the frame rate drops about 40 to 50 fps.
That is really unacceptable because the only thing I do is move it from one
monitor to the other. At least it remains in 3D!

When I open a second window in FS98 on monitor 1 it displays 3D as long
as it is undocked.
But if I want to drag it to monitor 2 I have to undock it!
When I drag the window to monitor 2 it changes to 2D (including the drop in frame rate).

When I installed the driver for monitor 2 for the first time I could change the different resolutions but after restarting the computer I can only select 640 x 480 on monitor 2.

Matrox website shows some nice screenshots of games running on 2 monitors. I am very dissapointed so far cause this situation is totally unacceptable for FS98.

Anybody else having simular problems?


16th September 1999, 02:53
Don't have any probs with fs98 dual screen - runs perfect

16th September 1999, 03:31
Marcel, what specs are you running, and which monitors do you use?? Are they the same, isn't one running 16bit colours while the other runs 32bit colours? Did you install the right drivers for both monitors and set them up seperately??