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13th September 1999, 06:44
Saw this on VE.....

Messiah will not support environmental bumpmapping. We did some tests, and while it looked promising, the time to implement it in the game far outweighed the benefits. After all, bumpmapping is usually used to 'fake' additional polygonal detail - and with the characters in such high detail to begin with, we really didn't see a huge benefit.

That said, it'll be a feature in the next project that Team Ego makes (which will probably be one of 3 things: add-on pack, sequel, or entirely new game) since more hardware will support it at that time.

ROM? If Battlezone2 pulls the same thing... http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/frown.gif

13th September 1999, 16:20

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15th September 1999, 16:50