View Full Version : Expendable and MS Force Feedback Joystick

13th September 1999, 15:24
Hi all,

I have the G400 MAX and the game Expendable that came with it. I want to use my MS Sidewinder FFB joystick. Everytime I try to setup the joystick it sets the item to "right rudder".

I finally figured out if I twist the stick all the way to the left it will not think "right rudder" is being activated and let me setup each item. However, that being said, ideally I would like to use the "twist" feature of the stick for rotate left/right and use left/right for side step left and right. Anyone know how to get around this issue?



13th September 1999, 16:12
Same thing happens with my precision pro usb. I haven't found a workaround yet, but I just use the keyboard and mouse anyway. It's probably just a bad implementation of direct input in the game, the developer will have to fix it with a patch.