View Full Version : Problems with MJPEG->MJPEG in Premiere

19th September 1999, 07:28
Hi all:

I'm having an annoying problem with premiere and my mjpeg avis that i've captured with my RR-G. Any clip I open, modify, add transitions, and then try to re-output as mjpeg is just bad. All the movie seems to go during the first second, then I see a static image for the rest of the clip... Strange thing is that if I take a clip in any other format (not mjpeg), i can output it correctly to mjpeg... Can even go mjpeg->uncompressed->mjpeg no problem. Am I missing something or this should be trivial to do?

Celeron 333@375, 128 megs ram
Asus P2L97
G400 Dual head, RR-G series
SB Awe64


19th September 1999, 08:46
I have a different error whenever I try to export in Premiere 5.1 to MJPEG. I get a annoying dialog box that says Codec error. Hardware malfunction or out of memory. NT's task manager show's I've got plenty of more RAM to go around. Anybody seen something like this before and know of a fix?