View Full Version : playing glquake with G400 ??

10th September 1999, 13:16
I've just read that all the people out there are playing glquake with G400.I wonder how because glquake didn't run with my G400.I'm still playing it on my Voodoo 1.My question is how can I play glquake on my G400 ??

11th September 1999, 06:28

You can try the following
open your Quake folder
delete the opengl32.dll file this will force the game to look for the ICD
now hunt down all the Glquake folders and delete them
there should be one in your ID1 folder and one in your QW folder
and one in every MOD you play like Team Fortress
this will force the game to re mesh all the textures
if this does not work then try renaming or deleting your config.cfg
and autoexec.cfg from your ID1 folder

11th September 1999, 12:03
Thanks for the info, but why does it run so slow???


11th September 1999, 12:26
Thank's for the info.Copying the opengl.dll into GlQuake\id folder the game now will run on my G400 but it is unplayable dark. Does anybody know how to get it brighter.

thanks Marco

11th September 1999, 23:47

I tried the same thing and I get very dark play on both Quake 1 & 2. Even after toggling the monitor settings and maxing out the brightness setting under Quake's Video Options. I wonder how many other people are having this problem.


12th September 1999, 08:20
Idgamma for DOS works well for me
You can find it at the following address http://d128.com/idgamma/
you have to download the IDGAMMA.ZIP file

12th September 1999, 09:08
Go into your display properties, select color, and then increase the red/green/blue
gamma settings.

12th September 1999, 17:35
Trying to max out the Desktopbrightness was my first idea but there are no changes under Quake 1. I wonder how this can be??
Quake 2 is playable with normal desktopbrightness.

13th September 1999, 02:39
Oh I'm very sad because I tried out all the tips you given to me but no effect happend. Quake1 is as dark as Lucifers soul. Should I've to play it on my Voodoo1? That cannot be the answer.Maybe it's a driver problem!? So lets wait for the next one and hope the best for it.


13th September 1999, 10:41

Try the idGamma for DOS program. I tried it and figured out what it was doing wrong. It creates a pak1.pak file in the idGamma folder and not the Quake folder where it's supposed to.

So just cut and paste that pak file from the idGamma folder into the Quake folder making sure to renumber the pak1.pak created in the idGamma folder to pak2,pak3 or whatever is the next number in the Quake folder. You don't want to overwrite the existing pak files.

BTW, maybe an idGamma expert can post us and tell us why this happens.

Hope this helps, NightOps

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13th September 1999, 13:01
Finally I've got it! Yeah! Reinstalling Quake1 without installing the glsupport was the solution.After this copy your opengl32.dll, wich is in the windows\system folder, to your Quake1 folder.Finally you can adjust the Desktopbrightness (now it has an effect) to get Quake1 playable. So if there is anyone out there who've the same problem that I had just try what I did.