View Full Version : Hidden and Dangerous problems using G400

12th September 1999, 14:35
I'm pretty sure the problem is due to G400 only but i'll some other info as well:
Pentium II 400 (not overclocked)
G400 32MB (not max with latest drivers)
Orchid Righteous Voodoo 2 (x2 in sli mode)
Direct X 6.1. The problem with game is during the first mission (haven't looked at other missions yet) the trees don't blend in with the backgrounds as if the transparancy of background for the trees doesn't match with the game backgrounds, i'm sure i'll have trouble with other objects in the game. I have tried the game with various combinations of the different drivers for the G400 and have installed the 2 patches available for H&D and the problem occurs in all different resolutions. Any help would be appreciated. The game works fine with the Voodoo 2's.

Andrew Smith

12th September 1999, 20:34
What version of H&D are you using? The shipping version didn't seem to have a working D3D version with it. However, with version 1.1, it works on my old TNT and my new G400 MAX on PD 5.13.020 fine. What are you seeing?


12th September 1999, 21:28
I've tried it using the shipping version, then 1.1 and now 1.2. What I can is quite hard for me to described. It looks as if the tree has been pasted onto the screen with a dark green background which doesn't blend in with the rest, it occurs with all the trees but nothing else so far.