View Full Version : Why come g400 is such a pain in OpenGL?

9th September 1999, 01:25
Ive tried ALOT of fuzzing with my g400, but still my quake2 freezes. Seems there IS a solution, but it still isnt "defined". Some can play with no problem - others like me, struggle with all kinds of hacks.

Thats why my G400 is going back - I dont want to spend dayes hunting bugs.

OK, I admit the G400 looks great in ALL my directX games - and ive never seen my desktop so sharp.

9th September 1999, 02:39
Same story again...
I'm almost certain that there is nothing wrong with your G400, it's in your setup...Some program or component just don't work well...

9th September 1999, 17:39
Yep, I dont think my card differs from any other g400 dualhead (except those with 5 ns ram)

Guess I didnt see the sticker on my box.
"This device requires hacking and tampering with your system" http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif


9th September 1999, 17:42
Listen... my card was crashing too and I tried every hack possible... nothing worked. But whe nI closed ALL the programs working in the tray (even disabled the Task scheduler) It works fine !!! try it I think you'll find it useful.

10th September 1999, 11:32
I've also tried a lot of fussing with my g400, and quake2 still freezes, I've tried all usual hacks, made sure I am using 16 bit colour etc., closed all programs in the in-tray, forced the g400 to use IRQ 11 etc. etc.
I don't want to get rid of the g400, I think it's a good bit of kit !
Anybody got any more ideas ??

10th September 1999, 12:10
One other thing to look at...
I have been playing GLQuake for three years or so. Much of it with a voodoo 1. I used several GL config utilities over the years. I'll bet I have 50+ GL_* lines in 5 *.cfg files.
There is no telling how all of them affect your new card. You might want to look.

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