View Full Version : Alien vs Predator Choppiness

9th September 1999, 10:37
I'm running AvP on a K6-2 333 with 128 megs of SDRAM (100 front side) and a G200 AGP with 8 megs on the card, and it is CHOPPY at 512*384*16 and ALL resolutions up, even with ALL of the visual options set to UGLY. Any ideas? Tips? Tricks? Hints? Cfgs?

Oh, and yes, I am running ALL of the newest drivers, and DirectX 6.1.

9th September 1999, 14:19
Get the patch

9th September 1999, 14:38
Yep, patch up.
What sound card are you using? My MX300 was causing choppiness with AvP when I used the Aureal 2035 drivers. Change of drivers cured the problem.

Cel 266@448 on Asus P2b (1009), 128MB, OEM G400/16, Quantum Obsidian S12, Fujitsu 5.25gb, MX300, Dlink 530, Grey Cat, Orange Cat (still MIA)