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16th September 1999, 11:55
when i try to convert my MSP5 project to an AVI the only compression i can use is the intel indeo 5,1. I have installed the morgan
codec and the RR codec is also installed but when i try to use them it tells me that the frame size is no good for this compressor.

Is this normal or is that the way things are supposed to be.

New to this.......... Damien.
(Thanks in advance for any help)

16th September 1999, 12:11
Hi Damien,

which resolution/frame size do you use for your ouput file ?

It is correct that several codecs only work for some special frame sizes.
For the Matrox codec those should be listed in the documentation.

Bye, Uwe.

16th September 1999, 12:36
Also trying to run Morgan and the Matrox MJPEG codec side by side can screw up some. Uwe should be able to help you on this

16th September 1999, 14:42
Full Screen with Matrox's MJPEG is 704x480, you have to uncheck 4x3.

16th September 1999, 22:37

Many codecs of interest demand the frame dimensions to be integer multiples of 8.

Hardware - oriented codec from Matrox has fixed set of sizes 704, 352, 176 in width, and 576, 288, 144 in heigth for PAL, or 480,240,120 for NTSC.
Not all combinations of width and height allowed. Run PC VCR remote and try to change the capture settings. You will get all allowable frame sizez.

Most codecs that allow gradual changes in frame dimentsions have internal limit on maximum frame dimension.

For example, the codecs used for video conferencing or internet video may refuse to work at > 320x240. Intel indeo video raw codec can take large frames for decompression, but refuse to compress at > 640x480 in width. Unfortunately, you can find a valid combination only on try-fail basis.