View Full Version : RR-G (to be used with G400MAX) DOA?

1st September 1999, 14:31
I just received a brand new Rainbow Runner G Series today. After popping it into a PCI slot in my machine alongside my new G400MAX (which has been working flawlessly for a week now), connecting the two cards using the two provided ribbon cables exactly as shown in the RR-G docs, my machine produces a long beep followed by three short beeps, then proceeds to attempt to boot without video.

Is the RR-G Dead On Arrival, or is there something I can do? So far I have tried reseating the RR-G in various PCI slots, and I've checked and double-checked the ribbon cable connections. Everything seems to be in order...

Removing the RR-G returns the system to working order, so I think it's safe to blame the new card...

PII 266
QDI/Legend BrillianX I m/b with latest BIOS
SB AWE64 Value Sound

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1st September 1999, 15:14
I've also received a brand new card today which also looks faulty (no TV picture) I think Matrox's quality control has a LOT to be desired.

2nd September 1999, 06:48
After speaking to tech support, they directed me to conduct an exchange with the online store people. I'll have a new card tomorrow. Hopefully it will work better than this one did.

2nd September 1999, 07:10
Tomorrow!! I'm still waiting for an RMA number!!

2nd September 1999, 16:11
Well, the tech support guy I spoke to said that since I'd purchased it from the online store I could simply exchange the card, which would get me a new one right away, while the RMA process could take "a couple of weeks."

If you bought yours from the online store, let me suggest you abort your RMA. They billed me for a new card and will refund the defective one when I send it back to them.

2nd September 1999, 18:16
Hi Vic,

don't wait for the RMA. Just call our on line store and get it exchanged. You'll save yourself a couple of weeks.

One thing you guys should know is that the RRG will not work at all if you O/C any G400 cards.


2nd September 1999, 18:30
Understood, however the above symptoms were observed using an unmodified G400MAX with the latest BIOS. No overclocking or hacks of any kind.

I sure hope the card I get tomorrow works. Otherwise I guess I'd have to suspect the G400MAX... Not a pleasant prospect.

3rd September 1999, 12:46
Hi Kyank and Vic,

Having followed the posts about G400 related Video problems, and looking at the system specs (of those who have posted any specs), it seems that there is one component in common - SB-Live (either full or value version)

If your problems do not go away with the new RRG, do you have, or can you beg/borrow an ISA soundcard ?

The SB-Live has caused problems in the past, and now Creative has even stopped making them...


(using SB32AWE in overgrown P2B-S)

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3rd September 1999, 13:04
As detailed above, my sound card is a SB AWE64 Value (ISA).

The new RR-G seems to work perfectly!


3rd September 1999, 14:08

Well I have the most "supposed problematic system" but no problems...

AMD K6-2 400
AOpen AX59 Pro SS7
128 MB PC 100
G400 16 DH
SB Live
Cardinal 56K

Not a problem... I don't use Liveware 2.1... it would cut out my RR-G audio... Liveware 1.0 for me, thanx. 5.15 and 1.5 Video tools have been working well, I have only had to re-install them once because my PC=VCR remote went wacky. Forced AGP 1X because my screen was screwed up on install of G400... computer has been running smooth ever since.


3rd September 1999, 14:39
I've a G200 and SB AWE64.

My problem is identical to the one in http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/Forum2/HTML/001557.html. EXCEPT I've a G200

Before sending it back, (I have the RMA but have not heard from Matrox online store yet ..I'm in UK) I'm going to slow my K6-2 350 down, I've heard that the interconnecting leads are too long and can be a source of problems.

Anyone throw any light on this?

16th September 1999, 12:36
My new RR-G works perfectly. It was delayed though as Matrox despatched it to a house nomber which was 100 out!! A kindly neighbour tracked me down. I sent back just the cardas they requested but Matrox sent me another fully packaged card with another manual & leads etc!!