View Full Version : Redline Racer quits to desktop

15th July 1999, 06:38
After running Redline Racer demo from the Matrox disk, bought full retail version. Deinstalled demo and installed retail game. Quits to desktop after splash screen. Tried both full and minimal setups. Tried downgrading Matrox PD 5.13 to 4.26 and 4.11. No Luck. Deinstalled retail and reinstalled demo - works fine under all PD versions. Renstalled retail game - still quits.
System config:
Abit BH-6, Celeron 300A@464(rock solid), 128 Mb ram, Mystique G200 16Mb ram(latest bios), Maxtor Diamomd Max 4.3Gig HD, Kenwood 52x CD-ROM.

Any suggestions from the gaming public would be appreciated.

15th July 1999, 07:11
I have the same problem with 4.51 or 5.13. But works OK with 4.28 (and probably 4.33).

I found that you can bypass the startup program and run the i740 version OK (presumably less hardware acceleraration) running the file:-rlr_i740.exe

P2-400 128Mb MGA-200 AGP OEM 8Mb SDRAM 2.3 Bios

15th July 1999, 07:48
Thanks, but I tried the .exe file for 740 without success. My board has 16 Mb - i wonder if that could be a problem?

19th July 1999, 03:19
Well, I found a workaround for the problem: deleting contents of D3D.ini file but keeping the file, lets the game play with one gotcha: no 3D effects.

Any ideas anybody?

31st July 1999, 09:36
Deleting contents of D3D.INI works for me, not sure what 3D effects are missing?


8th August 1999, 19:27
Suggestion: Check out the D3D.ini file and see if anything seems "mysterious". I tried to run SlaveZero Demo and it also crashed do desktop after spash screen. I had to play a around in a .ini file a bit until it worked...

Copy the d3d.ini file from the demo to the retail. Wild suggestion, but maybe...

9th August 1999, 02:46
Thanks, already thought of that and demo .ini file is the same as full retail. I even tried running demo .exe file instead of the retail version but it does not work. Anyway, the i740 version works fine with all 3D effects and frame rates between 50 and 65 depending on the track.