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John Livesey
5th July 1999, 02:43
Forgive my naivety but when running GLQuake 0.97 under Win95 with the new OGL drivers why do the resolutions look the same even though I'm specifying 640x480 for one shortcut and 1024x768 with another. I'm pretty new to the GLQuake "world" so is there anything I'm doing wrong? I'm not trying to run it in a window either. Admittedly when I look at the video option settings in Quake it says I'm running at 640 or 1024 but it looks pretty similar to me! Any ideas? The command line I'm using is GLQUAKE -width 1024 -height 768 -bpp 16. Thanks!

Markus Selchow
5th July 1999, 03:18
Should be working ...

Do you have an OSD on your monitor ?


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John Livesey
5th July 1999, 03:41

Yes I have an OSD. My monitor is an Iiyama Vision Master Pro 17". What difference does an OSD make?



5th July 1999, 03:49
uh...your OSD will tell you without a doubt what resolution your monitor is displaying...

John Livesey
5th July 1999, 03:55
Oh I thought it was something more obscure than that. I'll have a look tonight and see what it says. Why does the resolution look the same though? Maybe its my eyesight ;-)



5th July 1999, 03:58
It's just the game...it's old, and not very graphically detailed. The most noticable thing might be the text, getting smaller as the res increases...

5th July 1999, 16:06
GlQuake runs fine for me, but QuakeWorld locks up the computer. It works fine with the wrapper, but not with the actual ICD. Erg!

While I'm at it, does GlQuake give you corrupted and/or miscolored textures?

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John Livesey
5th July 1999, 16:15
Hi Wombat,

I'm not sure about the textures issue as I've not played it enough under the new ICD. Will check tonight though and post tomorrow.



5th July 1999, 17:09
Put following commands into autoexec.cfg and see if you'll have nice rainbows appearing on textures:

r_dynamic 1
gl_flashblend 0

-Tumu, wanna ICD that'll do GLQuake's dynamic lights

8th July 1999, 18:03
I have rainbows on the textures but they aren't that pretty to me ;-) But that's not my highest priority right now. With GLQuake and the new OGL-ICD the sound gets delayed by a few seconds and that's REALLY anoying!! Does anyone else have this problem or maybe an solution?

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13th July 1999, 20:47
_snd_mixahead .28

will fix the stuttering problem type it in the console or put in in quake\qw(id1)\autoexec.cfg

Chris Karson
14th July 1999, 13:19
I can use Quake ay 800x600 32bpp maximum with my 8MB G200. I'm not sure why this is the limit, but 800x600 looks great.

The resolution of the menus are independant of the game graphics. This is covered in the README file that packs with GL Quake. It took me a while to realize that there actually was a difference between 640x480 and 800x600.


3rd August 1999, 06:19
John, you do not need to type in -height xxxx. Only the width.


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3rd August 1999, 07:54
I wonder what the original resolution of the textures is?

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3rd August 1999, 10:35
Whatever the Voodoo card was originally designed to support, I bet.