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  1. Got my Human Ev. exam at 8AM tomorrow morn...
  2. It's Too Hot ...
  3. W00p graduated!
  4. I'm Never Going To Buy A ...
  5. Windows Source Code
  6. Hey Kruzin, your house isn't going to burn down is it?
  7. Computer Randomly Plays Classical Music
  8. Congratualtions Holland for winning to Denmark
  9. A Sad Goodbye....
  10. Hi girls & guys, did i miss much?
  11. Not quite back yet....
  12. The beautiful game......
  13. From Riva3D
  14. 500
  15. So who else didnīt get any sleep this weekend?
  16. What's with this weather??
  17. This is really bothering me. Opinions please...
  18. It's a sad day :(
  19. So, who's going to go out and buy WindowsMe...
  20. A Blatent Plug
  21. *****Virus Alert******!!!
  22. What a hell of a banner ad.
  23. This is not a poll...
  24. The end is near my friends!!!!!
  25. T-2
  26. End of the Week Humor Thread
  27. nVidiots
  28. I'm so proud!!!
  29. Damn Police helicoptors
  30. The New Countdown
  31. Now when I can get back on.
  32. The Wazzzzzzup mp3
  33. How the Dutch team prepares for their match.
  34. Windows Millennium Edition sucks!
  35. Another Who wants to be a Millionaire cartoon.
  36. Who do you think will win Euro2000?
  37. Vacation Time!!!
  38. tweakui
  39. What level of UT...
  40. Well done Holland
  41. HOLY SHIT!!!
  42. Photo of Hitachi Semiconductor CEO & President Tadashi Ishibashi...
  43. Temporarily Disabled
  44. Humbug to you Btinternet
  45. Need advice on parts for comp
  46. Most stupid player of euro 2000
  47. Amiga rides again! :)
  48. It's a sad day
  49. Shoutcast!
  50. I bet $10 that France will win the Euro2k over Italia
  51. Eh what West Indies all out 54?
  52. Today is a sad day...
  53. Best 3DMark Score EVER! and on a Matrox G800 Quad!!
  54. Independance Day...Happy 4th Everyone
  55. Is this possible? **** that, it's my goal dammit, I don't care if it's possible....
  56. Sorry
  57. [b]JOKES! GIMME JOKES![/b]
  58. Any real (or yet to be doctors), a bit of help if you will
  59. Compo Time !! Win, win, win!!
  60. Not for the faint of heart or feeble mind....
  61. Sleep deprivation, a Blizzard rant.
  62. HEY!!!! Check out the Main Page!!
  63. Help! My computer's running really hot!
  64. Can't be, I think my thermometer's busted......
  65. Do you know where to find informations like that ?
  66. Oh NO! My nVidia card doesn't work!
  67. My G400 MAX is 1yr old!
  68. Ha!
  69. On this day, July 7, 2000...
  70. If I were to download a song from Napster, it would be.....?
  71. WIP(warning! 1.3M worth of pics in this topic)
  72. What to do when you're _REALLY_ bored...
  73. Animation program
  74. Webwizards unite and help!
  75. Check out these 3dmark scores!
  76. The New Cheese Thread
  77. Matrox sues Nvidia
  78. Sheer, Naked Evil!
  79. Down with RAMBUS!! For real this time!
  80. Windows rant thread!
  81. Watch OUT! - It's coming!!!
  82. Cajun Astrological Signs
  83. Here we go again.....
  84. Friday's funny pictures (NT)
  85. The Bitchin' Fast has some competition! :)
  86. IE 5.5 install rant (vent)
  87. Check out this remote :)
  88. #$%& Frankfurt watches
  89. Im a MAN err MURCer!!!!!!!!!
  90. Realnetworks and netscape (Aol) do spy on you.
  91. Hello people, guess what I'm posting this from? ;)
  92. By the way, how do you go about installing the latest BIOS?
  93. Warning for Netscape users!!
  94. Hmm, shouldn't we all be using this monitor ?
  95. Man, you women can be some cold hearted hellions
  96. nVidia PR will NEVER learn
  97. Benefits of Licorice?
  98. Ever heard of integrated CPUs
  99. At nVIDIA's dirty tactics
  100. matrox media player 7 skin
  101. 'Cyrix Haven't Produced Anything In 5 Years!'
  102. Outlook behaved odd....
  103. Do the fori on here need a spell checker
  104. Collectables/You Learn Something New Every Day
  105. Can you do a signiture in FrontPage
  106. The Official nVidia RANT Thread
  107. A few general questions.
  108. Test
  109. I need th list of shame of Kenya, please help
  110. Blasted minis
  111. Message to Unexplained
  112. Hacked thread hacked ?
  113. AMINE!!! or is it anime?
  114. Internal Messages: Do NOT change your password yet!!!
  115. I bit the bullet.
  117. Masterpiece
  118. Concorde...
  119. MSN Messenger 3.0
  120. Matrox and Amiga join forces?
  121. Napster Banned by Judge: Another Victory for the Screw-the-Little-Guy/Gal Record Co.
  122. GA Inaction
  123. Napster Alternative CuteMX (better than Gnutella)
  124. I canīt post replies only new topics WTF???
  125. Take a look at 3D accelerator museum
  126. Are you a "Qualified" Professional...CHEEZE!!
  127. Assemble a professional looking PC...rotfl!!
  128. Scum-sucking Hacker POS
  129. For Jordan, I need some geographical help
  130. OK, change your passwords!
  131. Auto survey, what for????
  132. 'whappen?
  133. oops.... I think I went too far
  134. I found it! The official MURC handbook.
  135. Slyfox, what happened to your thread?
  136. WTF? Bible thumping game?
  137. Help! Playing DVDs in Win2K
  138. Virtual Head
  140. Monday chuckles
  141. If you have problems with NS...
  142. I have absolutely no idea.
  143. Where were you exactly, and what were you doing when your Matrox card arrived?
  144. Odd file conversions
  145. HTML in signature
  146. backing up emails(outlook express)
  147. My complaint about nVIDIA
  148. I need help with my Intellimouse Explorer
  149. Opening up FAQs Forum for peoples posts?
  150. Ehhh... Of to my vacation I go!
  151. Rob Zombie kicks ass!
  152. Lurkers awake
  153. Hey... what happened to Holly and Jorden?
  154. Oh my GOD! I'm changing, myvoice is getting DEEPER
  155. user accounts gone
  156. 1001 American Days (or Arabian Nights, or...)
  157. Maybe this should be kept a secret, but...
  158. Hey, does Napster still work for you guys?
  159. Getting close
  160. New Matrox card
  161. The truth about newsgroups!
  162. Any chance of a Murcer chat room?
  163. The 6000 users party thread, ALL 6000 users post here
  164. Welcome back Gurm !!
  165. Doctors: please read
  166. back orifice and the likes
  167. UMOD association
  168. New GFX encyclopedia site
  169. Win2k SP1 experiences
  170. I've upgraded to 256MB RAM
  171. Comments about the 6000 user thread!
  172. Dj Tiesto.... anyone know of him? I want more of his music
  173. For those of us in our early 30s...(US centric)
  174. Has gasoline/petro prices gone up around the world like they have in the US?
  175. WooHoo, just finished my last day of tech support!
  176. I'm not used to this....
  177. JOKES!!! I must have JOKES!
  178. I say lets vote....
  179. For Taz
  180. I'm not a big poetry fan, but I had to do this one for class....
  181. Joel, thought you might find this interesting.
  182. Has anyone else noticed this?
  184. The most important poll yet, vote the MURC!!
  185. I'm worried....
  186. I need a link, hint or whatever you can spare.
  187. You know what I REALLY hate!?!
  188. Diablo2 addicts - come on in
  189. Your favorite site, I want to know what it is
  190. Chip Shot Gallery
  191. MX400 Rant
  192. More flag waving...
  193. I'm Going to Take This Opportunity to...
  194. Da sheet I read...
  195. A lot has changed the last couple of years
  196. "Britney [Spears'] Guide to Semiconductor Physics"
  197. How Matrox Will Put NVIDIA and 3dfx Out of Business
  198. Car dealers
  199. Recent Study on Trolls
  200. Just wanted to be 1st
  201. Testing Signature!
  202. For ALBPM
  203. New Prizes For HELP If You Need It.
  204. JAIL CAM!
  205. New Napster Logon
  206. Rage Against The Machine
  207. Interesting new delivery service...
  208. Who sings "W--h--y? Why do you always kick me when I'm high? Knock me down... Etc.??
  209. Fried video cards
  210. WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  211. Holly - Check out:
  212. Alec 2, Diablo 0
  213. New Linux distributor!
  214. News of the Weird
  215. Has Ed Pool lost his F****** mind ???
  216. Holly thinks of quiting mod'ship for TSB...
  217. Why do poeple with big cars?
  218. Bitboys does it again
  219. Anyone here play Asheron's Call?
  220. Anyone in need of a really good laugh..read this(way ot)
  221. Oh my.....What in the world has Ant done?
  222. Honestly guy and gals I only have one basic rule.
  223. The Beast :)
  224. Hey, Im a MURCer now!
  225. One miffed miniMURCer
  226. So how many ppl feel that Matrox has screwed up with the G450?
  227. I'm BAAAAACK!
  229. What were the Ninja Turtles called?
  230. WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DO NOT SEND UNITS!
  231. For Jason: The new copyright war
  232. is there a software that can record to mp3 instead of wav?
  233. Dog food ads (seriously funny)
  234. FPS life lessons :)
  235. Sony Stereo Problem.... need help fixing it...
  236. Remember when Maggi was "sensitive"?
  237. The UK is becoming the setting for a Mad Max film!
  238. anyway to update aspi w/o having adaptec products?
  239. Whats going on?
  240. A new Murcer is born!
  241. Bad vibes!
  242. Okay whos in the UK got some petrol?
  243. ant says no G800 announcement soon
  244. Silly
  245. "Bite Me" - How did this originate?
  246. More bad news Fuel shortage hits beer pumps
  247. I thought it was funny
  248. You what ? Out of touch government panics
  249. You think M$ is evil? M$ has nothing on RIAA...
  250. MURC Operatives Infiltrate Rage Underground Forums